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About Tumbleweed Guitar

Those who can't play, build. 

I picked up a guitar 40 years ago with dreams of joining a hairband, more groupie affection than I could handle, and free-flowing fountains of Zima backstage.

The problem was that my skills peaked at week 2, and now that I'm getting old, even those are in decline. 

Tumbleweed Guitar

My inability to shred did not retard my appreciation for the primitive, wabi-sabic, utilitarian beauty of the Fender Telecaster— rather, it enhanced it. 

I build spins on the icon with due respect for the original design but without any bindings of purity. 

As an artist and craftsman, I create guitars that I enjoy and that I hope you will, too. 

Thank you for spending time here today.


Dave Kellum

Tumbleweed Guitar

P.S. I have recently expanded my horizons to include basses, L.P. Junior-types, and a Danelectro-type monster!

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