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Guitar Prices and Info.

Long story short. . . Guitars start at $1700.
There are so many variables, and now that I am building basses and other guitar designs, it is impossible to give an exact quote without discussing your project with you. Just know that this is what I love to do and I want my prices to allow me to build as many guitars as possible! I'm not here to get rich, I'm here to be happy.


My version of a Tele.

Handmade Guitar, wired like a traditional Telecaster, but upgraded at the pickups with American made Planet Tone pickups.

Prices start at $1850



My spin on the Esquire. Entirely handmade in Bonita Springs, FL. Wired with the Eldred Cocked Wah mod, unless you tell me otherwise. Armed with a single, wickedly amazing '51 Original, 9.5k output Planet Tone pickup, unless you'd like something else.

Starting at $1700.

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